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Rise Up SuperCoach!

We are here for the Coaches who are ready to step fully into their Soul Mission, commit to Skill Mastery, and grow their business with unstoppable Magnetism.

Global Coach Training

& Mentorship

Can you feel the calling to your next level of leadership?

Who we are

SuperCoach Society is an eco-system of support for coaches who value holistic and sustainable results for themselves and their clients. We hold space for the deeper questions that lead to transformational answers…

The SuperCoach Society is for coaches who are dedicated to skill mastery, creating authority positioning from embodied leadership, and building a business that creates calm cashflow, and serves clients at the highest level.

In our programs you will have the training, space and support to explore the deeper questions and learn how to coach on all levels of being: spiritually, energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Many feel the call to help others.

Coaching is an incredible way to make a difference and grow a profitable business — especially when technology and social media makes it easier than ever to grow an audience and a business.

The Coaching Industry has grown exponentially in recent years. And it is unregulated. These days anyone can call themselves a coach, and many do.

But only professional change-makers are committed to the Art and Science of Transformation, this is what we mean when we say SuperCoach.

When you develop coaching skill mastery, you can coach clients who are at the top of their game — CEO’s, elite entrepreneurs, athletes and professionals of any kind.

Mastering the Art of Transformational Coaching creates genuine authority positioning; this allows you to stand head and shoulders above all the other hopefuls as a real expert.

As you embody these skills and combine them with your own experience and passions your own  unique transformational offering emerges and you unlock the path to consistent, calm cashflow that allows both you and your clients to thrive.

Being a SuperCoach is not for everyone.

It is for coaches committed to excellence and continual growth.

“I never imagined that my desire to have a better life for me would end up being the missing ingredient in my business.”

I use the skills I’ve learned multiple times a day on myself and I can honestly say I am a different person than I was 6 months ago in my personal life and belief in myself. I’ve always talked about how important mindset is…you can have all the strategy, all the marketing techniques, all the “how-tos” in the world – if you don’t believe it is possible to have what you want or there are some deeper issues or fears there, then none of that will work.

Clare Stephens

Your Life Through A Lens
Photography Business Coach

“If you’re thinking about this, just do it!”

Kylie has a way of creating a container of safety and expansion. Just talking to her will activate your potential. She has a powerful permission field that allows you to drop into the potency of your full expression. She’s so full of wisdom, and such a gentle yet powerful guide to help you unlock your potential.

Emma Priestly

Conscious Course Creator
Business Coach

We are growing a powerful alliance of Soul-Lead Coaches.

Coaches of all kinds are among our ranks; Business coaches, Intuitive Healers, Spiral Practitioners, NLP Practitioners, Counsellors, Health, Wellness and Fitness Coaches.

Executives and Professionals also join us to master the skills of coaching to begin the path to entrepreneurship or to become better leaders within their organisation.

What brings these coaches together is their fierce commitment to being the very best coach and transformational leader they can be for their clients, their team, their family, and to make a positive difference in the world.

Our training Academy  has continued to expand and develop and now offers three live online certifications to refine and develop mastery in your coaching skills. Art of Transformational Coaching, Art of Emotional Clearing and Spiral Practitioner.

We have our 6 Figure Freedom membership for coaches who are getting started in building or growing their business and want support to find their voice, niche and signature offering.

And for those who are already trained coaches and want to continue to refine the nuance of their skills and build their business, the SuperCoach Academy is the place to be for ongoing skill growth and supervision, and the personal growth support that you need as a professional coach and leader. We can help you connect into the training or membership that is right for the growth level you’re at.

We have an entire faculty of incredible, expert teachers who train on topics ranging from spiritual growth to business strategy. Coach Mentor Kylie Ryan and the Faculty team run weekly leadership mentoring sessions to help you with everything you need to grow a thriving coaching practice.

If you feel the nudge from your heart to find out more, book a call, or start a chat and we can have a conversation about if it might be a fit for you.

There is no hard sell, and you will get so much value from the SuperCoach Activation Call that you can utilise immediately whether you decide to join us or not.

We are committed to providing the absolute best value support membership for professional Transformation Coaches. We’d love to help you too!

SuperCoach Society programs are best suited to…

  • Coaches, Practitioners & Healers who want exponentially better skills.
  • Coaches who are seeking Soul-Alignment and sustainable, holistic growth in their business.
  • Coaches who are lifelong learners, and actively seek Mastery.
  • Aspiring future coaches – currently in employment – looking for personal transformation, self-mastery and professional skills.

    We’re not the right fit for…

    • People looking for coaching business marketing strategy only.
    • Skeptics who are unwilling to try on new ideas, and want to argue every point.
    • Anyone who is jumping on the coaching trend for a quick cash.
    • People who are under financial strain and have no capacity to invest in their growth.

      “If you do not sign up to learn with Kylie & Mei, you are missing out!”

      Now that I understand NLP, I have to say it is an amazing tool. Getting taught by Mei and Kylie is just the best combination. I had to stay up late to attend the sessions and I did it with excitement every single time. I was intimated at first, but Mei and Kylie made the material so simple.  This certification has elevated my coaching, for me and my clients.

      I have grown in confidence. I have grown as a person and as a coach and most importantly in my skills of serving the group or the individual.

      I am so grateful for the skills, time and community and I highly recommend you sign up and let it transform coaching skills and your life as well. So grateful for everything!

      Anita Garza

      Soul Impacter
      EFT & Intuitive Coach

      “Joining Academy is one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

      I am so glad I joined Academy. I have been a member now for nearly 2 years and I grow my coaching skills and take away gold nuggets in every call. The skill training is awesome and the community has been an incredible support personally and professionally.

      Chris Bellette

      Chris & Filly Functional Medicine
      Mindset & Behaviour Coach

      Kia Ora! Isn't it time to build a business that supports you as much as you support your clients?

      Here’s how it works

      Take the next step by going through our SuperCoach Leadership Quiz, so we can work out where you are currently on the growth pyramid from start-up to visionary leader.

      You’ll get the results immediately and be able to receive a video training that is custom suited to the level of growth you’re at now. If you like our vibe you can apply for a call after that. When we receive your application we’ll know straight away if you might be a fit for one of our programs.

      We have a range of programs and certifications to help coaches at every level of growth — but if we don’t believe we can truly help you, we’ll refer you on to one of our colleagues.

      If we believe that we MIGHT be a good match to help you, then someone from our team will schedule a call to see if we really are.

      Nobody will pressure you or hassle you. If you want in, great.

      If not, no problem. We’re cool either way.

      We’re only looking for a special kind of coach to join us in the SuperCoach Society team.

      We’ll both know if we’re a fit.

      Oh also, we only take on 10 new clients per month in order to look after each person. We review applications on a first come, first-serve basis.

      So if you’re keen apply for a call and we look forward to speaking with you!

      This is the first step…

      See what other coaches have to say about working with us

      “Kylie is one of my secret weapons.”

      Kylie is one of my secret weapons. When a Boardroom client is stuck, or has some inner blocks to work through — I arrange a session with Kylie. She’s like Draino for the mind.

      Taki Moore

      Blackbelt Business Coach
      Author of Million Dollar Coach

      “It is so amazing! I finally understood why some clients were avoiding or sabotaging, it opened up a whole new world for me!”

      It gave me a depth of understanding of them and myself. Do it for you. Do it for your family. Do it for your future clients, and your current clients.

      Paula Bailey

      Sassy CEO
      Business Coach

      “Magick happens every time.”

      This morning I had a kick-ass coaching session with Kylie Ryan. We’ve been working together for a couple of months, and she’s the perfect person to help me integrate the rapid transformations I go through regularly.

      Our coaching sessions usually roll with me saying, “Kylie, I want to be, do, and have EVERYTHING” and Kylie helping me find the archetypes and parts that aren’t integrated and bringing them together. MAGICK HAPPENS EVERY TIME!

      Dane Tomas

      The Spiral Creator

      “As a result of training with Kylie on mindset and other training I’ve lost 65kgs & am now a weight loss coach myself.”

      If you’re on the fence, or wondering if Kylie is the real deal… I’d say just do it!… Kylie has this amazing ability to meet you wherever you’re at and take you to the next level.

      Suzanne Culberg

      Why W8
      Weight Loss Coach

      “Mind-blown! Before learning NLP with Kylie I was a typical, unaware old-school PT trying to muscle my way through to success.”

      Empathy became a new skill… For me now human behaviour and mindset is everything, You were the catalyst to me waking up!

      Blake Worrall-Thompson

      Mens Coach

      “Today I am living the life that I’ve always wanted…

      I have never been this happy or this powerful.”

      If you want to manifest the life of your dreams I would not hesitate to reach out for help from Kylie.

      Danni Vee

      My Fit Tribe
      Health Coach

      Book your SuperCoach activation call

      Got questions?

      We believe that coaches are on the front-line of human evolution.

      Every day we help people shift their thinking, habits and behaviour, and let go of the past and create their ideal goals.

      There has never been a better or more important time to start and grow a Soul-Aligned Coaching business.

      But it can be scary AF.

      You need to find business strategies that work and doesn’t feel icky.

      You need to deal with your own hesitations, fears and blocks.

      And you need to be a great coach.

      Our team can help you with all of that.

      Together we rise.