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Art of Transformational Coaching


Art of Transformational Coaching


Who is this for?

Any coach who is committed to becoming a master of Transformation. All kinds of aspiring and practising coaches join this program; from Intuitive Healers and Spiral Practitioners to Fitness Coaches and Business Coaches. Learning these coaching skills will amplify your power to create results.Coaches, Healers, PT’s, Entrepreneurs, Leaders who want to develop their Mind Coaching & Transformational skills and grow their business by becoming an embodiment of excellence.


Why is it important?

Having confidence in your coaching skills is essential to have conviction in the sales process. These are essential foundations of credibility, integrity and sustainable success within your business.


What’s it all about?

The SuperCoach Academy ethos is founded on the 3 pillars of a SuperCoach: Mastery, Mission and Magnetism. Everything we do aims to amplify these pillars so you can grow your business with absolute confidence and conviction, build your authority positioning and create calm cashflow because you’ve got the skills to truly deliver on your promises.

Mastery is about being a master of coaching skills and having full conviction in your ability. The Art of Transformational Coaching Certification is the foundation of your coaching skill mastery.

Magnetism is about being in full integrity as a leader, shining your unique self with confidence. When you have this you never need to hunt leads ever again, and you can simply gather clients from those who are attracted to how you show up.

Mission is about being totally clear on your Mission for coaching, and knowing that growing your business with passion and dedication is a key part of making an impact in the world.

What outcomes can I expect?


In the first 30 days you can expect:

  • To feel seen, heard, and understood as a part of a powerful team
  • Deeper clarity and understanding of the unconscious mind and the role it plays.
  • To have new coaching skills you can immediately use with clients in sessions.


Over the course of the 6 months you can expect:

  • Radically improve your coaching skills.
  • Have personal breakthroughs around money blocks or limiting beliefs.
  • To gain an NLP Practitioner Certification and have so much confidence in your skills.
  • To have grown your skill foundations significantly.
  • To be exponentially more confident in who you are and the value you bring so you can grow your business with conviction.

“I never imagined that my desire to have a better life for ME would end up being the missing ingredient in my business.”

I use the skills I’ve learned multiple times a day on myself and I can honestly say I am a different person than I was 6 months ago in my personal life and belief in myself. I’ve always talked about how important mindset is…you can have all the strategy, all the marketing techniques, all the “how-tos” in the world – if you don’t believe it is possible to have what you want or there are some deeper issues or fears there, then none of that will work.

– Clare Stephens, Your Life Through A Lens, Photography Business Coach

How do you deliver the program?

The Supercoach Academy offers both coaching and live online training to support you in growing as a person, as a coach and as a business owner – entrepreneur – leader.

A training portal of Masterclasses so that you can learn and study new skills and business strategies at a time that is convenient for you.

Live Weekly Training & Skill Mentoring Sessions so that you can get help and support to train and practice these new skills, so you have total confidence.

Online Community to ask questions, get support and make friends with like-minded coaches.

Opportunity to continue the journey of Mastery in the Academy Mastermind as you grow…

Leaders all over the world
are being called to rise.

Leaders all over the world are being called to rise.

“It is so amazing! I finally understood why some clients were avoiding or sabotaging, it opened up a whole new world for me!”

It gave me a depth of understanding of them and myself. Do it for you. Do it for your family. Do it for your future clients, and your current clients.

– Paula Bailey, Sassy CEO, Business Coach

How much time does it take?

To get the best value from this program you will invest 2.5 hours per week to attend the live training calls and another 1-2 hours through the week studying the online Masterclasses, or reading through the Manual.

Unlike many other coaches offering quick-fix results and instant 10K months, we prefer to make a stand for your Mastery. (You can still get fast results though!) Every hour that you dedicate to “sharpening your saw” will make all the other hours in your week more potent and productive. Every time you learn and practice coaching skills, it increases your confidence that you can deliver great results, which helps you enrol clients with conviction. This time grows your business, by growing your confidence, competence, and clarity first.

Please be aware as this is a certification program 80% live attendance is required for assessment of your competence as a coach. You need to be committed to engage and fully participate in all sessions. There will be breakouts and live coaching practice in the sessions. The 20% grace is to account for illness, travel or occasional wifi issues that may make attendance impossible. This is not a program to dip your toe in, or watch while doing other things. You need to be willing to commit fully to get the best results. Please check that you are available to participate for the times of the live classes.

When are the live calls?

Our next live online training cohort begins on the 4th May 2022, and is a weekly training session of 23 weeks of 2.5 hour masterclasses Wednesday morning AU / Tuesday afternoon US. These are the times in various timezones.

How will this grow my business?

For Intuitive Coaches & healers, NLP will help you to ground your “woo-woo magic” and enable you to communicate it in a way that your ideal client can relate to and value.

For Strategic Coaches whether in fitness or business, learning AOTC will help you to overcome the dreaded “uncoachable client” and will help you to have more compassion for, and more ability to help those clients who get stuck. It will absolutely increase your ability to powerfully support your clients to change and follow through on your strategies.

“Mind-Blown! Before learning NLP with Kylie I was a typical, unaware old-school PT trying to muscle my way through to success.”

Empathy became a new skill… For me now human behaviour and mindset is everything, You were the catalyst to me waking up!

– Blake Worrall-Thompson, MoMENtum, Mens Coach

Learning the AOTC skills and insight lenses will be personal transformation for you, and radically improve your skills as a coach and leader. In addition, you will also receive the Supercoach Foundations Course that covers all the essential know-how to begin or continue to grow your Coaching Business with Magnetism, Mission and Mastery.

1. Connection with yourself, the business you want to create and your ideal client.
2. Content to build a relationship with your ideal client.
3. Conversation to connect in person over chat or call.
4. Conversion to enroll them in the offer that will help them.
5. Coaching Skills to deliver an extraordinary experience that creates results.

If you are looking for further support to grow your business, you can enquire about joining us in the SuperCoach Academy Mastermind. We have a complete faculty of expert teachers who can help across a range of topics from Spiritual growth to Scaling your business. So if you want more than just the Certification, talk to us about the options of joining the full Academy Mastermind.

SuperCoaches know their stuff with certainty.

And your certainty comes from unwavering confidence…

…which comes from proven competence.

“If you’re thinking about this, just do it!”

Kylie has a way of creating a container of safety and expansion. Just talking to her will activate your potential. She has a powerful permission field that allows you to drop into the potency of your full expression. She’s so full of wisdom, and such a gentle yet powerful guide to help you unlock your potential.

– Emma Priestly, Conscious Course Creator, Business Coach

What do I learn?


We wholeheartedly believe that training in holistic NLP is an essential foundation of Masterful coaching. This is the key to helping Spiritual and Intuitive Coaches to ground their magic and communicate it with ease. And for Business and Fitness Coaches to have the frameworks and tools to help them go deeper into what’s really going on with their clients.

Before you begin the training you can begin your learning with a 15 lesson series where Kylie will teach you all the essential theories, insights, models and processes from the NLP Practitioner training and give you an epic 200 page manual with all the scripts, questions and insights you need to deliver powerful coaching sessions for your clients.

Our live AOTC Training Certification events each week led by our NLP Master Trainer Mei Ouw will help you to learn more deeply, integrate, practice and refine your NLP skills live online.

When you complete the requirements over the 6 months training you will be eligible for an NLP Practitioner Certification that is internationally recognized.


This is some of what you will learn:

  • Your Amazing Brain & Mind, how we learn, discovering your unconscious mind and the NLP Communication Model to know exactly how to track a client issue from the outside to the inner world.
  • The NLP Formula to know the exact structure of creating lasting transformation in a client session and coaching program. And the Prime Directives of the unconscious mind, so you can deeply understand the unconscious drivers and how they work.
  • Presuppositions of NLP, These are 16 life-changing belief lenses that will support you to be a more empowered human in all areas, and a kick-ass coach that inspires your clients through your belief in them.
  • Sensory Acuity, Calibration and Rapport. These are essential tools for a masterful coach, to be able to read the hidden messages in your client’s unconscious behaviour and adapt so you can help them. And Representation Systems to be able to translate your way of speaking to match the sensory language of your client, and meet them exactly where they are. When you can do this, it creates a natural easy flow between you with zero friction.
  • Values, Beliefs & Meta-Programs. When you can skilfully read, unpack and shift these filters in your clients mind you have the skills to help them change the whole system of their neurology and behaviour.
  • State Mastery & Perceptual Positions. In this lesson we go deeply into what makes up a state, and what are the essential levers to change a state or feeling in yourself or your client. You also learn a powerful process for putting yourself in another’s shoes, and healing inner conflict.
  • Eye Patterns and Strategies. Here we learn about how our eyes are not just the windows to our soul, but also the giveaway powerful information about how our bran processes, makes decisions and runs unconscious behaviour patterns.
  • Meta-Model & Hierarchy of Ideas, this lesson is essential viewing for all spiritual coaches. Learning how to get specific and detailed with yourself and your clients and move through ideas from abstract to specific is an area that many intuitive coaches slip-up and struggle.
  • Neurological Levels of Change to be able to know where a client is getting stuck in their change, and how to help them break-through with a higher level of thinking.
  • Well Formed Outcome. The essential question set that helps you to get clear on exactly what your client wants to create.
  • Reframing. the Art of taking an idea and putting it in a different context so that your client thinks about it in an entirely new way.
  • Parts Integration. Discover the most powerful linguistic method to integrating internal conflict, helping your client to become more whole aligned and powerful.
  • Communicating with Symptoms. Learn this powerful process to find the hidden insights and lessons behind a hurt, emotional or physical pain.
  • Timeline Therapy. This process has been one of my most used and loved processes for changing beliefs and clearing trapped emotional pain. Get my word for word scripts and support to help people create radical change with timeline work.
  • Clearing Anxiety. This simple NLP process for clearing anxiety is as powerful as it is fast.
  • Future Goal Session. Learn how to program a goal into your clients unconscious mind so that it goes after it in every moment like a heat-seeking missile opening up opportunities and possibilities that would be completely missed otherwise.
  • And much more…

All of the skills, models, change processes and techniques of NLP Practitioner, that is wrapped up in deep care, and the magic of holding space for someone’s deepest and highest potential. If you want to be so good that your value becomes priceless, you must know these skills.

The Academy is a forge to fire your conviction, precision
and mastery of serving Transformational Change.

The Academy is a forge to fire your conviction, precision and mastery of serving Transformational Change.

“Kylie is one of my secret weapons.”

Kylie is one of my secret weapons. When a Boardroom client is stuck, or has some inner blocks to work through — I arrange a session with Kylie. She’s like Draino for the mind.

– Taki Moore, Blackbelt Business Coach, Author of Million Dollar Coach.

Ok, I’m really interested. What is the next step?

If you are all ok with the timezone, and time investment of this certification course, the next step is to have an experience with an AOTC trained coach so you know first-hand what Transformational Coaching is really like.

1. The next step is to take the SuperCoach Visionary Leader Quiz, and book in for an Activation Call with our amazing team of coaches.

2. If you’re not already a member, please join our SuperCoach Society Facebook group, where you can watch videos with Mei, Bianca and Kylie teaching about the Art of Transformational Coaching and the ethos of a SuperCoach.

We’d love to support you!

Talk soon.

Kylie, Mei, Bianca &  The SuperCoach Team

SuperCoachSociety.com | MyMindCoach.com

Holding your magic
within mastery,
is unstoppably epic.

Holding your magic within mastery, is unstoppably epic.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is this a certification program?

Yes. With the changing global situation we have adapted and created a rigorous online training that brings all the best elements of a live training and so much more. Our training meets the requirements for the American Board of NLP Certification Standards and is in the process of being approved by the NLP Association of Australia also. Both Mei and Kylie are registered trainers with the NLPAA and run approved training programs that meet international syllabus requirements.

Q: How is it different?

Most NLP Certifications are very focused on Mind, Beliefs and Emotions alone and fail to address the somatic, energetic, spiritual elements of a person. What happens when these elements are not addressed is that the changes that are made are not as holistic and sustainable. As we both (Mei and Kylie) are coach-healer-teachers that include these elements in our own coaching and personal practice we can model for you coaching that is holistic and addresses the whole human.

Q: Do I need this if I already know another healing modality?

If you are trained in Spiral, Reiki, Tantra, Energetic Healing, Crystal Therapy or some other energetic or healing modality, training NLP will make a radical shift to your business and practice. Learning NLP can help you to bridge the esoteric, intangible aspects of healing, with the practical and tangible behaviours and results that people are often looking for. Learning with us can short-cut your journey as we can also give you insider tips on how you can shift your own wealth resonance and positioning, so you and your clients fully value the transformational work that you do.

Q: How does NLP pair with somatic style therapy/ coaching?

NLP is based on the integration of Physiology and internal representation at the basis of state. So whilst it doesn’t focus specifically on somatic practices. It combines very well with people who are already trained in somatics.
It helps practitioners to learn and become skilled in the other leverage point for state change which is internal representation ie the movies in your mind, the language you use etc.

Q: Will this help if I am a fitness coach?

Yes! Absolutely. If you are a Fitness Coach or PT that is wanting to learn how to help clients with deeper transformational change. Up-skilling with the Academy will absolutely help you to expand your capacity, confidence and offerings. You can create an entirely new stream of income from Mindset coaching with your clients, and safeguard your business when you no longer want to continue with the physical demands of in-person Fitness Coaching. As a Fitness and Health Coach you also have the option to upgrade into the full Academy where you get access to all my old weight loss programs as inspiration for your own coaching programs.

Q: I love the sound of this but am not ready for it yet?

If you want to work with us, but are not quite ready to invest in the full certification, you can purchase the AOTC starter pack or Supercoach Foundations Course. Talk with our Supercoach team to discover what’s the right fit for you.
The aim of this course is to help you to gain confidence, get clarity on your uniqueness, your niche and offer and get your first or next clients, so you can upgrade into the full Mastermind when you are in a better financial position.

Q: I have another question?

My team and I are here to answer all your questions. Just message us back on chat or email and we’ll help you get clear on whatever you need to know. I’m 100% committed to integrity and fair exchange in how we work and do business, so we will do everything we can to help step into your greatness if it’s a fit, but we will be the first to let you know if this is not the best option to serve you right now or you’re not in a good position to get results with this.