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World Class Mindset Coaching for Your Health & Fitness Clients



  • Facilitate lasting results for your clients with powerful mindset coaching
  • Watch your clients follow through with persistence and resilience to reach their goals
  • Have access to world class mindset training resources to support their transformation, so you never feel out of your depth again

    World Class Mindset Coaching for Your Health & Fitness Clients



    • Facilitate lasting results for your clients with powerful mindset coaching
    • Watch your clients follow through with persistence and resilience to reach their goals
    • Have access to world class mindset training resources to support their transformation, so you never feel out of your depth again
      PT’s and Fitness coaches often know their clients better than most therapists ever will.

      The trouble is, most health and fitness professionals are not equipped to handle what comes up for clients when faced with their goals, leaving the client’s mind as their biggest obstacle to physical transformation.

      Here’s the truth..

      If your health and fitness coaching does not include mindset, it is incomplete, compromising your clients results and their ability to maintain their desired success.

      A lot of PT’s and Fitness Coaches have been reaching out to ask me if I’m available to do guest Mindset talks for their clients. Unfortunately, the demand is simply beyond the scope of what one woman can deliver.

      So, I’ve come up with something even better. I created a Licensed Mindset & Motivation Coach Program that distils the best coaching strategies, frameworks and transformational hypnosis from my 20+ years in the Health, Weight Loss and Coaching fields.

      Now I can help your clients to get even better results, through powerful mindset transformation and you don’t need to do a thing!

      • 6 week Mindset & Motivation Online Course to plug into your Membership Portal.
      • You can use it as an on-boarding or “get unstuck” program for your clients to help them get clear, focussed and motivated. It will help them to clear any self-sabotage, set compelling goals, and understand what drives cravings and emotional eating and how to overcome it.
      • 52 Mindset & Motivation articles you can send as weekly newsletters to your clients from me. Just send the drive link of the articles to your VA to plug into your CRM for a whole year of weekly support for your clients.
      • 22 audio hypnosis sessions for your clients to listen to to help reprogram their sub-conscious for success. Some of my past clients have shed 10, 20 some even 50 pounds of weight just by listening to these hypnosis to shift their habits. No willpower required!
      • BONUS access to all my past weight loss motivation and mindset courses for you to be inspired in your own social media content and group coaching sessions!

      This is priceless and timeless IP that I have retired from selling directly but you can use to create years worth of motivational content for your socials or paid programs.

      Masterclass Topics

      Masterclass #1 – Introduction to Mindset

      This class explains the internal conflict that happens when you want to make a change consciously but have internal blocks to achieving the goal. I teach why this often happens and what to do about it. Your clients will learn about conscious and unconscious minds. How the mind processes information, and how to update habitual behaviours.

      Masterclass #2 – Goal Setting that Works

      This class teaches how to set goal that motivates and doesn’t demoralise. How to create a change
      that leverages the power of purpose and inspires your best life. Writing a success statement that fuels motivation and drive.

      Masterclass #3 – Willpower & Cravings

      This class shared the secrets on why perfectionism and relying on willpower alone can actually set you up to fail – and what to do instead. Your clients will learn how to shift from surviving to thriving without burning out and leveraging the power of self-compassion for sustainable change.

      Masterclass #4 – Understanding Self-Sabotage

      This class teaches about the hidden drivers behind why we often reach for food or alcohol when we’re stressed. And the secret reason that your clients might be holding themselves back from the goal they desperately want to achieve.

      Masterclass #5 – Habit Stacking for Success

      This class teaches how to leverage the power of habits to stack up success structures in your daily routine so you can keep your health going even in times of stress. How to shift and create new habits by leveraging and redirecting the habits you already have.

      Masterclass #6 – Health & Lasting Success

      This class teaches how to create lasting, sustainable health through the ups and downs of life by keeping your routine fresh and interesting.

      This comprehensive program of short and potent masterclass training videos, ongoing support emails, and hypnosis reprogramming is the closest thing to having me right there in your business coaching your clients to their best results for the whole year alongside you.

      How does it work?


      I will deliver to you a document with the embed codes for each of these 6 video masterclasses, worksheets and hypnosis sessions for you to get your VA to drop into
      your own program membership site.


      Get your VA to schedule the 52 motivation articles into your email autoresponder
      sequence for client follow up.


      Login to Supercoach Society – FitPro IP Vault to get inspired for your own content and courses from my past courses on habits, emotional eating, and weight loss mindset. You can
      watch all my past courses and make the IP your own to share with your clients on socials or in your paid programs.

      What is the investment?

      This program is offered with a one off Lifetime License fee to use this course and on-sell to an unlimited number of your clients as a part of your own Health and Fitness programs. (Please note you can only on-sell this as a component of your own program, not on its own.)

      The Lifetime License is $5000USD or 4 monthly payments of $1500USD.

      This is a total steal!

      Think of the peace of mind knowing you’re offering your clients world-class mindset coaching for your clients to work through their sabotage and blocks. And that you have invested to gain access to courses that will help you upskill and inspire you for your own content for years to come is totally priceless.

      Tell me all the details

      Here’s the hypnosis titles you’ll get to give directly to your clients to help them reprogram their mindset and keep them on track when you’re not with them…

      It’s the closest thing to knocking that Mars Bar or lager out of their hands!

      Each of these sessions uses potent and proven hypnosis I have custom designed to shift unconscious programming and help make behaviour change so much easier.

      Many studies have proven hypnosis to be 10 times as effective as dieting alone!

      Here are the hypnosis titles I have created, that include binaural beats, relaxing background music and professional recording. All you need to do is add a link to your client welcome sequence to give your clients instant access to this brain-changing software that is as easy for them to use as downloading a folder and pressing play a few times a week for 20 mins!

      ✨ Transformation

      ✨ The Rose Garden

      ✨ Weight Loss Powerhouse

      ✨ Stop Laziness

      ✨ Stop Chocolate

      ✨ Safe to be slim

      ✨ Rainbow Bubble Releasing Emotions

      ✨ Miracle Morning

      ✨ Mental Detox

      ✨ Lean and Green

      ✨ Itch to Exercise

      ✨ Guidance from your future Self

      ✨ Becoming Your Future Self

      ✨ Fat Burning

      ✨ Fall Asleep Fast

      ✨ Eat Slowly

      ✨ Drive Past the Takeout

      ✨ Creative Solutions to Craving

      ✨ Communicating with your Craving

      ✨ Chakra Balancing Journey

      ✨ BodyWisdom

      ✨ Banish Fast Food

      🌟  Bonus IP Vault  🌟

      You will also get access to my short courses to inspire your own content and teaching for your clients:


      This program was designed as a 30 day live social program with short 5-10 minute videos teaching one concept and inviting participation through comments. I sold this program for $297 to a niche of mums for weight loss, and the live engagement on the video tasks was insane the whole way through. You could recreate this entire program as a live challenge for your own niche or take a few of the videos and make a 7 day challenge as a lead magnet!


      This was my very first online program and many of the concepts were developed into the GBQ program. You’ll find heaps of value listening to these sessions to develop your own coaching competence to help your clients!


      This was another short course 6 masterclasses I developed that went deep into habits. The core ideas I have distilled for your clients in the mindset masterclass above, but if you want to go deeper and learn all the ins and outs of changing habits this is the course you can go deeper into!


      As you can see there is a bonanza of bonus content you can dive into and leverage to improve your own mindset coaching skills, create new content for your socials, or paid programs!

      Or if you don’t want to do that, you don’t need to anything at all, and can just plug my mindset program, hypnosis, and articles into your own program, and I can coach your clients to massive mindset shifts without you needing to do any more than send your VA an email!

      I’d love to help you help your clients in this way! It will make it so much easier for them to get results and become your raving fans! If you are keen to get this for your clients, you can grab it right here!

      Or if you have questions just message me on Facebook or IG kylieryan.mymindcoach and my team and I will take care of you.

      Grab it right here!