Lead through crisis & uncertainty with powerful coaching skills.

Master the inner game to win at life and business
by serving & changing lives right now.

Lead through crisis & uncertainty with powerful coaching skills.

Master the inner game to win at life and business
by serving & changing lives right now.

Global Coach Training Academy
Right now, the world is going though a forced awakening.
Do you have the skills to master your own state, pivot your business and keep your people moving forward ?

All over the world people are being dropped into fear and panic by the media, the current global situation and all of the triggers hidden inside their Unconscious programming.

You might be feeling it too.

It's ok. There's no shame in feeling scared or overwhelmed sometimes.

But, when YOU are the coach, you need to know how to move through it, and step up into powerful leadership.

There are a few coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs who are not just surviving what is going on right now, but have stepped up powerfully to SERVE & THRIVE.

What is the difference between someone who drops into fear, and someone who rises to lead?

They know how to quickly shift their mind into service, and pivot their offer and messaging to meet the needs of their people NOW.

I can assure you that the person who rises, has learned practices to master their own inner world and has done the work  to clear out a lot of their fear-based programming, and train their mind to focus on being pro-active instead of reactive. 

It's never too late to learn these skills.

I have been helping people to master their mindset & inner game for over 15 years.

And I have an epic training portal that can teach you how to do it too...

But right now you don't just need long-term strategies.

You need fast hacks and simple tactics to help you and that you can pass onto your clients as quickly as possible... 

You need strategies that you can use in groups, so you're not losing time in 1:1 and can help your people as a group.

So I'm creating a new live online intake for the My Mind Coach Academy and 30 day "Lead Through Crisis" program that can give you the fastest strategies and mindset shifts to master your own mind, and also learn how to lead and coach others through theirs with confidence too.

Leaders all over the world are being called to rise.

Leaders all over the world
are being called to rise.
Master your mind
 & lead your business, in any economy.


Learn how to coach with skill and precision and never feel like a fraud ever again.


Lead your clients through crisis & challenge with fast hacks to instant calm, focus and power.


Grow your business well beyond 6-figures and create a life of meaning, freedom and impact with powerful GROUP COACHING strategies that don't drain your energy.


 Leverage tiny habits to make big gains even in difficult times for you and your clients.


Stretch into the areas that you know you need to master in coaching systems, structure & productivity.


Be supported by your community of ambitious, caring, generous coaches all over the world.

"I never imagined that my desire to have a better life for ME would end up being the missing ingredient in my business."

I use the skills I've learned multiple times a day on myself and I can honestly say I am a different person than I was 6 months ago in my personal life and belief in myself.  I've always talked about how important mindset is...you can have all the strategy, all the marketing techniques, all the "how-tos" in the world - if you don't believe it is possible to have what you want or there are some deeper issues or fears there, then none of that will work.

- Clare Stephens, Your Life Through A Lens, Photography Business Coach

"If you’re thinking about this, just do it!"

Kylie has a way of creating a container of safety and expansion. Just talking to her will activate your potential. She has a powerful permission field that allows you to drop into the potency of your full expression. She’s so full of wisdom, and such a gentle yet powerful guide to help you unlock your potential.

- Emma Priestly, Conscious Course Creator, Business Coach

What's in the first 30 day program: "Lead through Crisis"?

1. First up we’ll work on the Leader Lifeboat exactly what you need right now to Clear your Mind, destress and Activate your energy, how you can shift your Focus to from Survival into Service.

2. We’ll use my unique Collapsing Conflict model to understand what’s happening in your mind & body through this challenge, and a super quick process to move any stress in your body so you can quickly shift out of shock, grief or anxiety and into focussed action.

3. Then we’ll use the Fear Exterminator to find and destroy any stories of fear, judgement or comparison, that may have infiltrated your mind from the media, social media,  family and friends.

4. Next, I’ll show you my Power Now strategy to eliminate overwhelm, find your centre and know the exact right next move you need to make for your business, and life.

5. We’ll install a Mind Guard Forcefield in your mind and your environment to help you to be teflon to negativity, and surround yourself with people who are positive, proactive and lift you up.

6. You’ll connect into your Timeless Mission so that challenges and problems become much easier to overcome, and you can tap into a limitless energy source to keep you going when the going gets tough..   And we’ll get clear on WHO exactly is waiting for YOU to serve them with a new or upgraded offer in this time so you can market with power.

6. You’re going to love it when I show you how to Activate your Super Hero Self, when you know how to jump into a phone-booth and come out as SuperMan or WonderWoman to get the job done when the going gets tough.

7. Then when we’re super-powered we’ll use a the War-Plan to mitigate your downsides, and maximise your upsides with resourcefulness and creativity right now. Then we’ll turn that into an action plan for service so you can take advantage of hidden opportunities and profit.

8. When you’re a leader, Showing Up is everything, you need to know how to show up in a way that inspires confidence in your crew, and there’s a few key things you need to know to help transfer your calm to them so they can follow you. I’ve got some epic tips from my days as a nightclub singer that can really help you to manage the energy of your followers effortlessly.

9. And finally, you can’t keep leading if you burn out... so we’re going to connect you into the Rhythm of Life so you can ride the waves of life, and activate flow on the micro and macro scale to see what’s likely to come up ahead in your business and how you need to prepare.

Now is a time to be consolidating & planting seeds for the future, this Massive Global Reset will clear many of businesses off the playing field, so if you can stay focussed on your mission, there will be plenty of space to thrive even more when the next Spring rolls around... 

Every second you lose to indecision, procrastination and fear is costing you money.

And leaving your ideal clients without your help.

You can have the best business strategies in the world but if your own mind is in anxiety, and your body is exhausted from stress, you’re going to fail to see the opportunities to serve in this current climate, fail to implement, or execute poorly. 

This next couple of months I’m going to be working with a small group of coaches personally… and I only want to work with a handful of people who are going to implement, test and report back on the results. 

You will be one of the Success Stories of stepping into Powerful Leadership in a time of Crisis. I’m ready to get started right away and I’m inviting YOU to join the Case Study Team of Change-Making Leaders.

Here's how it will work...

I know you need this help to step up into leadership fast, and you might also be home-schooling like me!! So I’m going to give you a stack of help in just 30 days, in easy to learn chunks that give you fast help. I’m going to drop a new live training twice a week into the secret Academy Case Study group, you can join me live for the training, or catch the replay when it suits you. 

I'll also be available once a week for live Q&A and in the group to answer questions once a day.

I need you to be committed to following through and implementing the strategies to get the best results.

I really want to create some great case studies from this, so I'll be spending extra group mentoring time with you in this case study to make sure we maximise your results. 

The more you implement… the more I’ll work with you.

We’re going to be working closely together, so I’d like you to be sure you have 2-3 hours a week to dedicate to this.

The total cost is just $597 USD per month. My biz-friends think I'm a bit crazy to offer it at this investment, but I'm committed to raising the standards of the coaching industry globally, and that means I'd rather offer it to you at an investment that is so valuable that it's an easy "Yes!" 

And, I know that most people will want to continue working with me for more Coach Training and Mind Mentoring in the MMC Academy, but if you just want this bit for 30 days that's cool too and I'm honoured to have you join us!  

Yes, I want in. Let's go! 
"Kylie is one of my secret weapons"

Kylie is one of my secret weapons. When a Boardroom client is stuck, or has some inner blocks to work through — I arrange a session with Kylie. She’s like Draino for the mind. 

- Taki Moore, Blackbelt Business Coach,
Author of Million Dollar Coach.

“It is so amazing! I finally understood why some clients were avoiding or sabotaging, it opened up a whole new world for me!”

It gave me a depth of understanding of them and myself. Do it for you. Do it for your family. Do it for your future clients, and your current clients.

- Paula Bailey, Sassy CEO, Business Coach

"Magick happens every time.”

This morning I had a kick-ass coaching session with Kylie Ryan. We've been working together for a couple of months, and she's the perfect person to help me integrate the rapid transformations I go through regularly.

Our coaching sessions usually roll with me saying, "Kylie, I want to be, do, and have EVERYTHING" and Kylie helping me find the archetypes and parts that aren’t integrated and bringing them together. MAGICK HAPPENS EVERY TIME!

- Dane Tomas, The Spiral Creator, Wizard

What happens after the first month?

Once we've got you sorted out and leading yourself, THEN we can focus on how you can serve best right now.  If you haven't already, we will workshop a group coaching offer that is relevant to the current market, and fast, simple strategies to bring in cashflow quickly... Then, when you're stabilised, we can get to work on the longer-term strategic coaching to build your business more by mastering transformational group-coaching skills.

I created the My Mind Coach Academy for Coaches and Change-Makers because I see so many coaches out there who just don't quite have the skills or support to really step into their most powerful and impactful leadership. 

You have your own skills, results and intuition. Of course we can honour and express your unique way of helping people that is your own personal style...

And... Coaching is a SKILL. 

Lasting Transformation follows a known pathway.

The Human mind has an internal logic and structure that you can learn, and once you know you can navigate through help your clients with any obstacle they are facing.

When you know these SKILLS, things get a lot easier, and your own teachings and intuitive guidance can be held within structures of skill-mastery.

AND when you know and work with the structure, you can help your clients with transformational teachings and self-coaching frameworks that work in group formats, allowing you to help more people, make more money and create more freedom and energy for you, instead of leaving you depleted and burnt out.

“As a result of training with Kylie on mindset and other training I've lost 65kgs & am now a weight loss coach myself.”

If you're on the fence, or wondering if Kylie is the real deal... I'd say just do it!... Kylie has this amazing ability to meet you wherever you're at and take you to the next level.

- Suzanne Culberg, Why W8, Weight Loss Coach

“Mind-Blown! Before learning NLP with Kylie I was a typical, unaware old-school PT trying to muscle my way through to success.”

Empathy became a new skill… For me now human behaviour and mindset is everything, You were the catalyst to me waking up!

- Blake Worrall-Thompson, MoMENtum, Mens Coach


Who is it for?

Coaches, Healers, Business Coaches, Personal Trainers, who want to be SUPERCOACHES, and help their clients with deeper transformation without burning themselves out.


What is it?

This Academy is a coaching mentorship to help you to master powerful 1:1 & group coaching skills, and become the bold, authentic leader that can run a successful coaching business.

You get access to my complete NLP Coaching Foundation training online - Video training & Manuals for skill development (Not certification)

You also get live group mentorship and access to all my personal growth online courses for your own development and to see how you can create your own course easily. 


What do I get?

  • Monthly LIVE Q&A Coaching Supervision Call run by Master Coach & NLP Trainer Kylie.

  • Extensive video training course on Foundational NLP Coaching Skills to help ground your other modalities and skills into practical coaching sessions. Learn the skills of NLP from a master teacher anytime, anywhere in the world.

  • NLP Practitioner Manual with coaching questions, word-for-word scripts, and processes you can use immediately to become a more skillful coach.

  • Safe, moderated space to ask coach-client related questions inside a private facebook group answered by Kylie twice weekly.

  • BONUS: Guest Expert Interviews with other teachers and Master Coaches / Healers ($3000 Value)

  • BONUS: Emotional Eating Mastery Course ($300 value.)

  • BONUS:  Goddess Body Quest - Health Mindset Coaching Program modules & behind the scenes insights into the course creation. ($2000 Value)

What's the investment?
$597  monthly
Most popular
$5970 annually
Best value
“I started from scratch, now I have a multi-6 figure business.”

I loved having a mentor that was spiritual and holistic, and had that grounded science-based knowledge as well. That really helped me conjure that for myself. I started my business before I even finished the course and just 2 years later have a multi 6-figure business.

- Ari Kala, Rich Psychic Goddess, Psychic Awakening Coach

"Today I am living the life that I've always wanted…
I have never been this happy or this powerful."

If you want to manifest the life of your dreams I would not hesitate to reach out for help from Kylie.

- Danni Vee, My Fit Tribe, Health Coach

"I made $30K in new sales a month after graduating my training with Kylie."

Right after training with Kylie I created a new program and mde 30K in new sales. I now have a repeatable system to coach my clients and I can get them both immediate and long-lasting change.

- Bianca Aiono, Mind-Body Coach

Frequently Asked Questions?
Q: Do I have to be working as a coach now to join?
Yes, ideally. The Academy is primarily designed for coaches who are currently working with clients, and are already a few years into their business. That said, if you are just passionately interested in becoming the best you can be and learning coaching skills to apply to your current job or business, you will get massive value also. Just be clear that this is primarily focussed on developing coaching & leadership skills, not "starting a business". 
Q: Why is this so affordable?

I know I could charge a LOT more for this membership. It could easily be 5 times the investment and still be amazing value. The value in  the online courses alone is over 10K, let alone my ongoing live mentorship, group coaching calls, and guest expert interviews and new content. But the truth is, I really care about the quality of coaching in our industry. And I care about equitable access, so I want to make this Academy the best value membership in the coaching space, for those just starting out, as well as more seasoned coaches.

Q: Can I cancel the monthly membership anytime?

I know we are in times where things are changing rapidly. I am offering a 90 day extended "love it or leave it" guarantee to help you feel peace of mind knowing you can get massive value without being locked into a contract. After that, you will get the best results by committing at least 12 months to learn the materials and upgrade your coaching skills with my support.

Q: Does this give me a Coaching or NLP certification?

No. This is an online skill development and mentorship space. Even though I am giving you access to all of my NLP Practitioner training materials, this course does not qualify you to call yourself a certified NLP Practitioner. If you want to get that certification, I have a live training course that we can discuss further. We train for minimum 8 days together live and you need to pass a Knowledge Review to meet certification standards.

Q: What guarantee do you offer?

In these times I am offering a powerful 90 day "Love it or Leave it" Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can learn, receive and participate without fear of being locked in. I can guarantee that there is massive, proven value in this Academy, because I am offering this at such an affordable rate, there are no refunds at any time, because I can guarantee that you are responsible for your own results, the results and value you get from this course are 100% dependant on your participation. I hold a high standard for my Academy members to be self-responsible, to model that for you to do that for your clients too. Login, participate, join the live calls, and chat on the support group and you will get 10X the value of your investment if not much more.

Q: You said you care about equitable access? What does that mean?

I realise that part of my success has been due to things that I have not worked for. Where I was born, my race, the socio-economic level of my family, the level of education and support I was afforded, being able-bodied, and how I tend to fit within the dominant norms of society has made life smoother for me than many others. I know that not everyone has as smooth a journey.

I am also aware that coaching is not very diverse, and I would like to do whatever I can to help address the balance.

I'd like to make it crystal clear that I welcome people of all race, culture, gender identity, and sexual orientation. You are welcome in my mentorship space and I care about your needs and that you feel welcomed and heard.  I'm as white as a girl can be, and I may get it wrong sometimes, and if (when) I do I'm totally open to hearing feedback and learning how to be more inclusive in how I show up, please let me know.

SCHOLARSHIPS - Also, if you are seriously financially compromised, but driven to make a change and help others, and you have come from significant disadvantage in your life circumstances, through trauma, abuse, violence, or systemic disadvantage or oppression, and you can apply for a partial scholarship by messaging me directly. Please know that you need to have internet access and a device access to be able to consume the content. Scholarships will be awarded as I see fit, one per month, in the cases of those who show the most drive and determination to change their circumstances and help others. No discussion will be entered into about the award of scholarships. If you would like to apply please email scholarship@mymindcoach DOT com DOT au.

Q: Do you need to be certified to get started as a coach?

The coaching industry is in rapid growth internationally, and is currently unregulated. There are  associations you can join like ICF, or NLPAA but it is not mandatory to join them or, in fact, to do anything at all before becoming a coach. You decide when you are ready to stand up and help others as a coach. Ideally, you would have proven results and skills under your belt. If want to have success and longevity in the coaching industry it is best practice to adhere to a Code of Conduct and Ethical Behaviour, and ongoing learning and development. That, in my mind, is simply about having integrity.

It really depends on what kind of coach you want to be: a Strategic Coach helps someone learn a strategy they are an expert in; like business, marketing, or sports. A Mindset Coach helps with your inner game; thoughts, feelings, behaviour, and these skills can be applied to any niche. This is what I can teach you in this course.

I highly recommend that this online mentorship is a part of your ongoing training in addition to joining a live coach training, or certification where you can learn and practice in the room with myself or another Qualified Coach Trainer to hone your skills in person. If you'd like to speak about upgrading to our next live event, you can do so after joining this online training.

Got More Questions?

I can’t wait to see you inside the Academy and share the best journey in the world with you!

with love, gratitude and blessings,

Kylie Ryan

Coach, Healer, Trainer, Wife, Mother, Human.

Now is the time to master your mind, skill-up and become the leader you were born to be!
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