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Welcome to the MMC Academy

Welcome to the Academy for Coaches, Change-Makers, Lifelong Learners, Spiritual Entrepreneurs & Emerging Leaders. We’re honoured to support you with this wealth of wisdom.

With love & gratitude

Kylie, Bianca, Mei and the SuperCoach Team

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For SuperCoaches to discover their mission, magnetism and begin the journey of mastery.

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Channel your genius, clarify your message and create the authority to attract and serve high-ticket dream clients..

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Refine and Master the Core Skills of Coaching with these Advanced Masterclasses.

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NLP Practitioner Training Lessons for Coach Certification.

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Strategies for growing your coaching business and getting clients.

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Master habits, emotional eating, and holistic weight loss.

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PD Courses for connecting with Divine Feminine & Masculine energies, and transmuting Karmic patterns.

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Coach Mentoring Live Call recordings, access links and essential Q&A insights.

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Spiral Membership Live Training Masterclasses & Practitioner Panels.