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Connection with Self | Becoming a SuperCoach

In this video training I unpack the overarching model of what a SuperCoach is and the frames of the course that will get you the best results.

Connection with Avatar | Soul-Match Client Avatar

This is where we get clear on the Soul-Match Avatar and creating an ideal client pathway that will support your business to grow.

Avatar Hero’s Journey

This is a powerful video discussing the concept of knowing the HERO’s JOURNEY that your soul match Avatar will go on as they journey with you. Let me know here…

1. Who is your Soul-match Avatar when they meet you?
2. What are they experiencing in their current ordinary world?
3. What are they yearning for?
4. Who do they become or unleash as a result of working with you?
5. What tangible result do they get to see, hear, feel, experience as they become this more empowered version of themselves?

Avatar Obsessed podcast with Alex Charfen (11 mins.)

Totally worth listening to this.

Avatar Research Questions

I’ve compiled a document with reflection questions for you, and exact scripting of questions for you to ask your avatar in interviews. The more research you have, the better and more likely you are to be able to speak directly to your ideal clients needs and desires.

Live Q&A Call Recording – Unpacking Insights for Soul-Match Avatar

Content | Showing Up to Grow your Biz

In this Masterclass I talk about how you can overcome any fear of showing up on video or in posts to grow your business, and to connect into, and show up in your uniqueness. AND how to think about your content in pillars for variety, and structure a video blog so that it’s easy to get your idea across without waffling.

Content Bonus | Content to Attract Soulmate Clients with Lisa Jane

Conversation | Sacred Sales via Chat

Learn the art of making sales organically without even having to get on a sales call by using chat functions to respond to messages in a magnetic way, that leads to people burning to sign up with you.

Conversion | Selling with Soul

Discover how to enrol new clients without ever being pushy, while supporting them to move through their fears and step into their greatness with courage.

Coaching | NLP Well Formed Outcome (Lesson 9)

Coaching Business Pathway

This session is talking through the coaching business pathway from 1:1 to 1:many.