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Hi, you guys. It is Bianca Aiono and Kylie Ryan. I’m coming to you with some epic news about the spiral school of awakening, our rebirth, rebirth, rebirth, and new training. That is, that is coming up soon. So exciting.

What Actually Is The Spiral?™

Bianca:  It’s super exciting. And even though I talked to you like every day in my sleep and on that astral planes, I still feel like I don’t really even quite know exactly how this old transitioning came about and the history. So I think if we can just start from the start to help everyone else get caught up to speed and I’ll be listening intently too, can you just give us like a little elevator, you know, we’ve got 30 seconds to know What is actually The Spiral™. Like I hear all this stuff about it. Can you tell me what is The Spiral™?

Kylie: The Spiral™ is a process of liberation. So it is a process of liberation that moves you through your seven power centers that move through your body and aligned to the chakra system. So the Hindu Chakra system and the Spiral Dynamics which relates to the evolution of consciousness and the scale of consciousness. You might be like –  what jibber-jabber are you talking about Kylie? But this, this is a synthesis of wisdom systems, including kinesiology and LP scale of consciousness, and all of these different threads coming together that, that Dane Thomas, the creator of The Spiral™ synthesized into this powerful modality and method, utilizing muscle testing to create emotional clearing so that we can actually release trapped emotions from our bodies, which live in our unconscious. And as they live in our unconscious, it’s almost like it kind of blocks up the energy pipes. So you might have, for instance, something that is, that is feeling a little bit stuck or you’re procrastinating on or something that you’ve been trapped, trying really hard to achieve or create. And you just kind of feel a bit blocked.

The Spiral™ is a process that can liberate the track, energy and release it so that you can kind of get into action. And a lot of people go through a spiral and find that they release more. Self-expression, they’re more confident. They feel more powerful. The mind chatter of insecurities dies down and they can start to really go after what they want. Does that explain it?

Bianca: It does, but also it doesn’t in some way, otherwise it’s on my slide, if you wouldn’t say, because it’s the level of resonance you see with so many people, that’s probably the thing that really amazed me is the accuracy and the universal truth that it triggers in such a wide range of people.

And it’s almost like, you know, in entrepreneurial sort of speak, it’s like the greatest hack of universal listen, because I didn’t really even quite understand why it works, except that it really does. It really does where I am from when I first, I went through The Spiral™ with you, so the nine step process, I went through with you and then I did my practitioner training only just over 12 months ago.

Where I am today, compared to where I was back then is, in terms of my, my lifestyle, my career, my environments, the level of work that I can do, the caliber of people that I’m around – it has totally uplevelled – without having to sacrifice anything along the way.  To really realise that this is something that I can apply to others, that I can create amazing transformations in others, and it doesn’t come of me. It becomes through me.

And that really has become the foundations of being able to scale so much around not only the way that I work, but the business and the results that we’re achieving.

Kylie: Oh for sure. It’s like the muscle testing and the emotional clearing that we’ve now made a key part of the new training –  that is such a hack. It’s like I do it every single day. Ever since I trained four years ago and discovered the work through meeting Dane. And then now, magically we’re , and then now, now magically wherein were responsible for the whole modality who would have thought,


The Spiral™ process that helped Kylie become The 8 Figure CEO Secret Weapon behind the scenes, and sought out by top entrepreneurs across the world

Kylie:  It’s, it’s interesting. Like when I think about that kind of journey, it’s because of going through the spiral and the emotional clearing tools that we are even here today doing this. So it’s because of the spiral that I had my own personal growth evolution and, you know, it shifted things within me within my own confidence. And then it led to a huge shift in positioning and how I perceived myself first and foremost, but then how I was able to communicate that. And I use this process called a Manifestation Clear™ where I called in the archetype of the Wendy character from billions and then magically not long after that, some of my like really successful entrepreneur friends started reaching out to me and saying, Hey, can you help me with this? Can you help me with that? And I started to shift my positioning to be one of the kind of coaches secret weapon behind the scenes of top entrepreneurs, across the world. That then enabled me to really shift a whole lot of how I was able to show up in business and how I was able to show up as a teacher of other young coaches that are coming through to really show what’s possible on the other side, when you have these amazing transformational skills.

So to be able to train this now just feels like such an honor and a privilege. And, you know, I’ve come in as a guest trainer and teacher, for the last three or four years kind of ever since I did my first prac training because, Mei, the other co-director of The Spiral™ and I are qualified NLP trainers and NLP is such a core underpinning of Spiral. So it’s so great to be able to kind of expand the training and really bring it, you know, kind of to a new level and a new audience as well.

Creating a divine balance between the spiritual knowing and the strategic mindset in order to lead yourself and others through emotional stuckness far more effectively.

Bianca: And so what I kind of felt like having known that part of the journey, it was like you were able to create a bridge from people who maybe were in the real strategic mindset and disconnected from that real spiritual knowing and that emotional intelligence. And you stepped into who you needed to be for them to be able to see you and see you as a part of their business growth and their compulsory essential growth to business so that they didn’t have to have success that compromise other areas of their lives, right?

Kylie: Yeah, yeah. It was that! And it’s always that connection between, the spiritual elements that move through us or the the divine grace or the natural genius that comes through, and then how we can bring that into the world. And so Spiral has kind of traditionally called in artists and healers and transformational healers and activists, and people that kind of come from that more art, artistic and creative side of life. So that’s been amazing and it’s such an incredible part of the community, those kinds of ethos of self-expression. And it’s really great to be able to bring that to the world of entrepreneurship and strategic coaching – to be able to bring some of that entrepreneurship wisdom and strategic coaching wisdom back to the healers and the creators so that there can be more of a divine balance happening.

Bianca:  Yeah. Yeah. And I think something to point out, that even something as fundamental in NLP as being able to notice what emotions are going on in you. And then name them. I have found just the process of daily energetic, emotional clearing of being like, “Oh, why am I in such a rush? Oh, cause I’m feeling unreliable. And I’m stuck in a state of brooding.  When I’m stressed out about myself, or stuck in a negative state  – to articulate it in such a quick way, shift it and move  through it. It just makes so much sense. while being able to lead myself through my with much more effectiveness

How does the practise of daily energetic hygiene revolutionise your leadership skills?

Kylie: So much. Yeah. It’s just like that, that energetic it’s that daily energetic hygiene, right? It’s like once you learn the emotional clearing tools and ever since my first, you know, the first time I learned them, even after like when I first learned spiral, I was kind of already 15 years into coaching and personal growth. And so I knew a lot of stuff. I had a lot of tools in my tool belt and spiral revolutionized the results that I was able to get. And it really took everything to a whole different level.

And that’s through working with the five bodies, the spiritual, energetic, mental, emotional, and physical. And that really felt like the missing link and, and has just been able to accelerate the results I’ve been able to get to for clients and for myself. And I think that pace of just like you said, if you learn the tools or you’re working with a spiral practitioner to be able to unpack using muscle testing, what is that emotion that is kind of stuck in my unconscious that’s causing this funky feeling or the sense of not being able to move forward? What is that? Because the minute that we laser in on knowing what that emotion is, then it brings consciousness into that area. So then you’re no longer operating out of unconsciousness. And that’s the thing is like, if, if at any point there’s something in your life that you wouldn’t consciously choose, some part of your unconscious self is choosing or co-creating, or at least agreeing to be a part of that. You know?

So when, so if there’s something happening in a world that you’re not, you know, you wouldn’t have chosen, it is like, well, what part of me did choose this? So what part of me did buy into this in some way, or did a greater this on some level and how can I bring more conscious awareness to it so that I can then heal or release whatever is causing that connection with the thing that I don’t want? You know?

Demystifying the “woo” and making it more practically applicable by learning the mechanics of The Universe

Bianca I love that.! When I went into the spiral practitioner training, I had the great privilege of already being mentored by you for many years around NLP. Right. So I went in with, you know, from somebody just starting, I had a much higher level of ability to process, to understand the pieces so it could join together. And what I feel like you just explained just then about making the unconscious conscious. And it’s really about showing the mechanics of what works. And I feel like that’s what you really bring as a facilitator. And as a trainer, it’s like demystifying the woo. So, so many of us were like, oh, we just believe we’re like it’s magic!

But also you know, when you have the NLP, as the foundation realizing it works because it’s aligning with things that just make the university like the laws of gravity it’s the mechanic is that you’ll get from the unconscious of conscious now that you can shift it. And I think that that’s really what helps people who are more strategically minded and maybe sometimes put off by the woo or not really be able to understand it. So therefore it goes over their head or they don’t resonate. So it’s like, you have to be the bridge for yourself. And now you’re the bridge for those two worlds as well. So I’m loving how that’s panning out.

Who is The Spiral™ not for?

Bianca: Who would you say though that the spiral isn’t fall? What do you already need to be kind of aligned or some level of?

Kylie: Yeah, that’s a great question. I think you do need to be a bit of a personal growth junkie. You know, it’s like, whether you are on the entrepreneurship side of “I’m just really committed to my own personal growth and becoming the best self I can be”. And I’m willing to, you know, lean into my comfort zones and maybe like stretch my comfort zones in order to become a better entrepreneur, a better creator, a better business owner.

Coming to the spa practitioner training would be amazing just as a personal growth revolution to kind of learn some amazing skills to learn this incredible kind of shortcut, to be able to clear your own emotions. It’s just such a powerful skill to have, but you need to be willing. You need to be a little bit open to spirituality. You need to be a little bit curious about those things. You don’t necessarily need to be whole heartedly, all woo Oracle cards, crystals in your bathroom type of person, but you do need to be kind of open-minded and willing and, and kind of have that open-minded heart to be willing to receive the full value of what it is.

If you’re kind of like, no, I want scientific evidence of every single thing, then you’re probably not going to be able to fully receive the magic of the experience that said, though, I think there is a lot of like the, the healer creative artists types are already naturally drawn to this work. It’s like, they can feel the call. It’s like the people who are naturally already in tune with their bodies. It’s like, I don’t need to know all the details. I just feel it. I know it’s for me. I know this is my future. I’m a change maker. I want to help heal the world for you guys.

We have got some amazing, amazing skills and strategies and these incredible magic to be able to impart to you so that you can fulfill your mission so you can unlock your next step of potential, and bring your work to the world in a powerful way.

How can I use The Spiral™ to evolve my business?

What’s really cool about those people who think of themselves or identify themselves as change-makers or coaches or healers in some way, The Spiral™ is such a unique process because it is a really clear method. I was talking about this with a friend just this morning about how different it is from NLP. Whereas NLP is almost like getting a whole big bag of Lego blocks of all these different colors and sizes and shapes. And you can make kind of whatever you want with it, with all these different Lego blocks.

The Spiral™ is a very clear, structured, systematic process that you learn as the practitioner. You go through the experience and then you can take others through that same experience. So if you’re coming across from corporate and are just kind of letting your magical self out into the open, or you’re starting a business, or you want to add to your modality toolkit, this is a kind of plug and play process that is an offering in unto itself.

So you can immediately add this offering into your tool kit for, or add in your other genius to this process and go, Hey, I know that if I just take someone through this process and follow these steps over these sessions, I’m going to change someone’s life in a really radical and wonderful way and be able to charge appropriately for that. You know, and so spiral practitioners are kind of charging anywhere between 1000 to $2,000 for a program when they first begin anywhere up to, you know, like to, to go through this far with me is $50,000. So, and, and that just, you know, it depends on the level of expertise and the level of other skills that you bring into it, of course, but, but the process is valuable in itself. So when you learn it, you kind of come out immediately with an offering that you can start marketing while you’re even going through the training.

You know, so lots, lots of practitioners bsigned up clients while they were in the training. And so they finished the training and were immediately able to go out and start making money and changing lives and helping people.